Graduation requirements and regulations vary from one academic program to another and are subject to change over time.   Schools that do not have a specific foreign language requirement may allow foreign language study to count in fulfillment of general education requirements or as electives.   See individual program descriptions in the KU Academic Catalog to see how foreign language study might be counted toward graduation requirements.

Academic Catalog

Please consult the current KU Academic Catalog for graduation requirements and regulations for every academic program.

For those seeking to fulfill the undergraduate language requirement for the Bachelor of Arts degree in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, please use the guide below to determine your next steps in meeting your foreign language requirement.

For those seeking to fulfill graduate requirements for reading knowledge of a language, please contact the department offering that language.

If you are staring a new language, you need to start at the first course at the beginning level.  Have a look at the languages offered at KU, and then find your course in the KU Schedule of Classes

Because the intensity of language programs differ and you may have been exposed to the language outside of the classroom, the first step in continuing your study is to determine the appropriate KU course for your language abilities.  This will require you to take a placement exam.

Depending on exam scores, past coursework, and educational experiences, you may be able to receive college credit or placement in higher-level KU courses.  See KU Admissions for more information about how credits (including AP, IB and CLEP) transfer.

Students may be exempted from the language requirement provided that the University has some way of verifying reading, writing and speaking proficiency in that language equivalent to someone who has had four semesters at the college level.  These exemptions are considered on a case-by-case basis and may be granted for languages not taught at KU. Please contact College Advising & Student Services for details.

You might be able to earn college credits, exempt yourself from KU Core goals, or take higher-level KU courses based on classes and exams you've already taken.  If you are enrolling for the first time, contact KU Admissions for more information.  If you are already a student at KU, contact College Advising & Student Services.

Please keep in mind that if you transfer in less than four courses in the foreign language, you will need to take a placement exam to determine the appropriate course in the KU sequence.

If you are a native speaker of a language other than English, it is most likely that your proficiency in a second language can be proved through academic transcripts.  This might be as simple as establishing that the language of instruction in your high school was a language other than English, and that you have appropriate scores on standardized English tests, or that you have completed required coursework in the Applied English Center.  For more information about requesting exemption from the four-semester requirement, contact College Advising & Student Services.