Proficiency Exams

 If you believe you might be exempt from the foreign-language requirement, you may still need to take a proficiency exam. For languages with an online placement exam, we recommend taking those exams first to get a sense of how your knowledge corresponds to the levels of instruction at KU. If the exam suggests placement at a level above what is needed to meet the language proficiency requirement and you do not wish to take additional coursework, you should arrange to speak about proficiency testing with an advisor in the department offering that language. If you would like to gain an exemption for a language without an online placement exam, you should start by contacting the department offering that language.

If you are proficient in a language not offered at KU and would like for your language requirement to be waived, please contact CLAS Student Academic Services at 785-864-3500 or email at to find out more about the language exemption.

If you are a native speaker of a language other than English, your foreign language requirement will be waived after certification of your English proficiency has been verified. For more information, please contact the Applied English Center at 785-864-4606 or email at